CNN’s ‘With Me As Your Guide’

This month, CNN's 'With Me As Your Guide' takes viewers on a journey through South Korea with those who know the country best. From a Michelin-starred chef to a celebrated music producer, CNN highlights the people and the places that make South Korea unique through the eyes of these experts. Join CNN on a journey to go beyond K-pop, learn the secrets of K-beauty, get a taste of Korean craft beer and food, feel the country's street culture and see how technology has transformed South Korea into one of Asia's most exciting destinations.

Highlights of the 30-minute show include:

See Seoul on foot

There is hardly a better way to explore Seoul’s urban landscape and its hidden gems than on foot, with some of Seoul's fittest and hippest runners. Led by a designer, model, MC, influencer and businessman, PRRC1936 is a running group that is helping to redefine attitudes towards fitness in South Korea. CNN joins James Lee McQuown, co-founder of PRRC1936, to explore the city by hitting the streets of Seoul.

More beats beyond K-pop

To explore Korea’s music scene beyond its famous K-pop export, CNN meets Min June Park, also known as DJ Soulscape, who is an all-round guru on the variety of music his country has to offer. His studio produces some of Korea’s lesser known sounds and his music shop shelves vinyl records from funk, soul, psychedelia and the country’s traditional music styles.

Life in the internet fast lane

With some of the world’s fastest internet speeds, South Korea is well connected and driven by technology. South Korea has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries to the one of the richest in less than a century, embracing technology like nowhere else. CNN visits a “PC bang” to experience Korean super-fast internet in action with Korean entrepreneur and tech blogger Keith Kim.

The science of beauty

Beauty in South Korea is about more than just skin refining and pore perfecting, it is about self-care. From facial Pilates to a futuristic skin lab, CNN follows Alicia Poon, founder of Korean skin care brand Peach and Lily, to see why Seoul is rapidly becoming one of the beauty capitals of the world.
A new kind of craft on Korea’s culinary scene

With attention to detail and a focus on fresh ingredients characteristic of Korean cuisine, the craft beer craze has hit Jeju Island. Korean chef and restaurateur Sid Kim brings CNN to a local brewery which experiments with tastes and aromas from cinnamon to tangerine, combined with homegrown hops to create South Korea’s own craft beer. 

The taste of old and new Korea

Korea’s rich gastronomic culture serves up some of the most intricate dishes on the global culinary scene. Michelin-starred chef Jun Lee gives CNN a taste of both the past and future of Korean food in the largest fish market in Seoul as we explore what makes Korean food so unique. 

‘With Me As Your Guide’ is produced by CNN Vision, the global creative production powerhouse of CNN International, which brings the world’s breath-taking diversity into cinematic focus, telling stories that inspire audiences around the world. 

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